We’re a new kind of HR consultancy. We help our clients make a reality of inclusive talent management within their business.  We enable your business to work in an innovative and agile way, improving productivity and creating a positive culture where everyone is happier and finds a sense of belonging and satisfaction at work.

We unleash potential.

We use a flexible mix of consultancy, technology and learning programmes to support our clients to create inclusive workplaces which benefit the whole business.

Our Mission

We are a business with a purpose.

Our mission is to unleash people’s potential by making workplaces more inclusive. We want to remove the barriers that preclude people from thriving at work.

We know businesses gain enormous benefits by adopting inclusive talent management practices. We’re passionate about helping our clients to seize that opportunity and create an environment where a diverse workforce can thrive.

Our Values

We celebrate diversity, and we champion difference.

Inclusivity is in our DNA.

We constantly seek ways to innovate and improve our business. We want to ensure we create the same opportunities for our clients.

We’re a curious bunch, and if there’s a status quo, it’s our job to give it a nudge or even a great big shove! We want to change workplaces & society for the better.

Inclusive workplaces are more innovative, more creative, with increased diversity of thought and a workforce your customers can relate to.  They make business more successful and companies that do not recognise the benefit of an inclusive and diverse company will not survive the future.

By championing different voices and experiences, businesses can truly create a culture that removes barriers and changes the world for the better.

Business Story and Background

Ours sure isn’t a story of management buy-out or business spin off, Unleashed was created with power and principle. When Martin founded the business, his desire was that his creation wouldn’t just be about trendy words to talk about ideals and dreams. But would be the solid pathway for genuine change and evolution in the business world of many.

We are who we say we are, and you’ll never meet a more diverse team of people. All very different. All masters of their art. All bringing you directly to the same elevated place. Proving every day how ‘inclusivity’ helps take your talent, and your business to the top. To all you imagined and often more than you hoped for.

We dissolve the barriers and biases that can needlessly hold back the careers of your most talented hires and…

We unleash the business potential and profit that an inclusive workplace can and will take an organisation to. Local or global. Small or internationally famous.

Our technology and consultancy services came first as the medium through which we delivered inclusive talent management. But Martin soon realised that wasn’t enough. If we were to answer our calling, we needed to provide a friendly space that inspired us all and brought so many of us together – community drives… and holds sustainable change.

The Arena was born.

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Bespoke solutions for inclusive talent management and EDIB to unleash the potential of your business.

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Unique tools to help you achieve your inclusive talent management strategy and consolidate change.

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Qualifications to keep you ahead of the competition.

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Support and advice from thought leaders, specialists and professionals like you.


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