We created Unleashed to remove barriers in the workplace and unleash the potential of your business.

Meet the team that will make that happen.  

Martin Mason
CEO & Founder


Martin is a global leader specialising in Culture, Talent, Performance  and Inclusion.  Martin’s passion for inclusivity led him to found Unleashed, where he is supporting clients to create happier and more productive workplaces. Prior to leading Unleashed Martin lead culture change programmes and people functions, globally  at  The Body Shop and Wolseley PLC where he designed and delivered global transformation projects and talent management strategies which brought about significant business benefits.


Natalie Denham-Bradley
Chief Operating Officer


Natalie is an accomplished strategist and tactical planner with experience of implementing effective Inclusive Talent  strategies in global organisations.  Natalie has led Talent functions through change, delivering significant improvements to outputs by focussing on better systems and processes while developing positive cultures, confidence and inclusive leadership capabilities.

Liz Alleston
Director of Consultancy


Liz is an accomplished strategist and tactical planner with experience of implementing effective strategies in the private, public and third sector. Liz is an expert problem-solver, able to adapt to the changing needs of the client with clear purpose.

Liz is a clear and engaging communicator who uses a growth mindset approach to inspire and motivate those around her to be their best.


Michael Lucas 
Director of Learning & Development


Michael is a Talent and Development leader and executive coach, experienced in shaping diverse, inclusive, performance-based cultures. A specialist in increasing knowledge and enhancing organisational performance by unleashing people’s potential.

An experienced facilitator and trainer, Michael’s style is warm and disarming, allowing people space to discuss, explore and reflect on topics.

Emma Palmer
Director of Community


Emma is an HR and EDIB leader with experience within commercial and not for profit organisations.  Emma manages our global network – The Arena – ensuring our members are supported with opportunities to network, have ‘dialogue’ and leverage their skills and knowledge to drive social change and support EDIB at all levels.


Alisha Farouk
Principal Research Consultant


Alisha is an all-round wonderful human being, blessed with warmth, compassion and a razor sharp mind. As a Consultant at Unleashed, Alisha works with a range of organisations, partners, thought leaders and charities. Alisha has always had a passion for removing systemic barriers and enacting positive change, having lead research projects on inclusion, conflict and development. Alisha is currently leading on extensive Culture and EDIB research and evaluation programmes across the globe with our clients, ensuring their working practices are as inclusive as possible.

Roisin Doyle-Bakare
Projects, Research & Campaigns Specialist


Róisín has a lifelong love of helping others, having spent much of her time with underrepresented sectors of society, she is eager to ensure that everyone works harder towards the goal of equal opportunities for all. As well as her experience in researching and project managing, she is passionate about compiling the best resources and experience possible to help create a more diverse, equal, and happy workplace.


Pam Cannell
Consultant & HR Guru


Pam is an employment specialist, who has worked internationally supporting organisations to improve their people practices for over 20 years. Pam most recently supported the NHS to improve their people processes and policies to improve diversity and inclusion in their trusts.

Pam has a warm and engaging style, with a reputation for being commercial and pragmatic.

Tateland Edwards
Operations Assistant


Tate is our organisation guru and leads on day to day Operations here at Unleashed. Tate has the unenviable task of keeping our team organised and on track to ensure we continue to deliver great service to our customers and our team (which she makes look effortless!). Tate’s experience and values place her perfectly as an ambassador for our work and she is always ready to take action and challenge the status quo. As well as her great charisma, Tate has a wonderful customer focused nature and a natural warmth and flair which we love here at Unleashed.


Sofía García Suárez
Marketing and Research Assistant


Sofía is our very own Marketing and Research guru! While completing a Master’s of Science in Digital Marketing, Sofía conducted extensive research into the negative impact of marketing and how it adversely affects consumer behaviour in purchasing. Through this project Sofía realised she needed to be part of an organisation that worked to make the world a better place, and so joined Unleashed! Sofía has an infectious passion and energy which she uses to make a difference in the world, working with our consultants, partners, organisations and charities to amplify positive media and ensure organisations are as inclusive as possible.

Cynthia Kindagaire
Client Account and Learning Assistant


Following their time studying Sociology at University, Cynthia conducted extensive research on Inclusion in the workplace, specifically the impact on women and parents. During this time, Cynthia realised that she wanted to make a difference in the world, championing and progressing inclusion in society, which led to her joining Unleashed! Here as Client Account and Learning Assistant, Cynthia works with a range of organisations, partners and charities. Cynthia conducts extensive research and learning programmes across the globe with our clients, to remove barriers and ensure their working practices are as inclusive as possible.


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