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Martin Mason (he/him)
Martin Mason (he/him)Executive Coach
Martin’s approach as a coach is to courageously challenge himself and others to unleash their potential and to be the best version of themselves that they can be.
As a coach his person centered approach, his compassionate nature and his resilience are his strengths. Martin’s warm style and strong empathic skills, allow him to build relationships quickly and establish trust with his clients. He facilitates depth to the sessions, providing a safe space for people to be vulnerable and learn from their journey of self-discovery.
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Michael Lucas (he/him)
Michael Lucas (he/him)Executive Coach
Michael’s style is warm and disarming, allowing people space to discuss, explore and reflect on topics. His passion for transforming teams and organisations through effective leadership and inclusive practices translates to his engaging approach to delivery.

When Coaching, Michael carefully listens to understand the core of an issue before supporting you to find flexible and creative solutions.

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Sarah Thomson (she/her)
Sarah Thomson (she/her)Executive Coach
Sarah has seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly in 20 years of working with leaders and teams. She has led workstreams on business-wide transformation programmes with expertise around organisation design, engagement and change management.
Sarah is down to earth and asks lots of questions to understand what makes each business unique, rather than trying to apply best-practice solutions. She is known for her straight-talking so is a great coach / facilitator to help leaders & teams uncover and deal with the ‘real’ issues.
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Liz Alleston (she/her)
Liz Alleston (she/her)Executive Coach
Liz is an accomplished strategist and tactical planner with experience of implementing effective strategies in the private, public and third sector. Her Coaching style is a solutions focused approach, while developing confidence and leadership capabilities.
Liz is an expert problem-solver, able to adapt to the changing needs of her Coachee swiftly and with clear purpose. She is a clear and engaging communicator who uses a growth mindset approach to inspire and motivate those around her to be their best.
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Gemma Carter-Morris (she/her)
Gemma Carter-Morris (she/her)Executive Coach
Gemma is a wellbeing specialist and is passionate about working with individuals to support them to be the best version of themselves and reach their potential.

Gemma uses a wellbeing approach in her coaching to help people to focus on themselves so they are better equipped to navigate change, build confidence and resilience, find purpose and become more effective both in their professional and personal lives.

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Nichole McGill (she/her)
Nichole McGill (she/her)Executive Coach
Nichole McGill-Higgins (she/her), is a qualified ICF coach, offering a unique coaching journey, focused on developing a growth mindset. their Coaching approach incorporates belonging, equity & equality through a wider lens. Nichole specialises in supporting C-suite, senior leaders, and mangers.
Her belief is in self, especially in your ability to grow, lean and develop. Challenging negative behavioural pattens, fears and beliefs.
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Caroline Donaldson (she/her)
Caroline Donaldson (she/her)Executive Coach
Caroline’s background combines over 30 years of consultancy with senior line management experience in Operations, Sales, Human Resources and Retail in blue chip organisations. She develops a trusting and constructive relationship with her clients and believes that each of us has enormous potential and sees her purpose as helping her client tap into their talents and be all they can be. Caroline’s focus in coaching is to help the client meet and, if possible, exceed their goals and objectives and provide support while they progress on their development journey.
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