Unleashed is a new kind of HR Consultancy that helps organisations be successful by making them more inclusive.  

We provide a unique approach to recruitment & retention, learning & development and deployment that uses diversity and inclusion tactics, and a suite of innovative technologies, to create an agile, high-performing workforce.

About Unleashed

Unleash Your Organisation

Optimise the existing skills & capabilities of your people, enable them to unlock and realise their full potential and create a culture of belonging and equity.

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Unleash Yourself

Understand your skills and how you show up. Access one on one feedback with a development specialist and drive your own personal development with a coach that suits you and works to your schedule.

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You Unleashed

new type of psychometric assessment that examines preferences, aptitudes, and abilities in one test to drive performance with personalised and aggregated reports.  

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Coach Finder

An innovative self service platform where you can find the perfect coach for your needs and to fit your budget and schedule.

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Talent Finder

Our brand new platform that helps you deploy and develop talent without bias across your organisation both locally and globally.

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Enter The Arena to work, connect and drive best practice with a wide network of HR professionals from across the globe.

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