Leading Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Programme

About the programme

This unique programme has been created to establish professional standards for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. We support those working in the profession of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) to develop all the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to progress inclusion and remove systemic barriers in their organisation.

What’s amazing about the programme

The programme has been designed and developed by people that have successfully led the EDI functions across the globe. We know the great rewards and substantive challenges faced in achieving an Inclusive culture and we have made it our mission to support you in achieving this in your own company.

The main benefit of this programme is that it goes way beyond the usual parameters of a traditional qualification and is designed to give you the tools and practical abilities needed to unleash the potential of Inclusion in your workplace and equip you to lead and embed EDI.

Who is the programme for

• Current EDI Director, Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Leader

• An aspiring EDI Director, Head of Department or leader

• People/HR generalist

• A Resource Group/Network lead

• A Senior Manager looking to lead in an inclusive way


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