Talent Finder

The Talent Finder system allows you to map and manage your workforce on a local and global level and empowers your people to access development opportunities across your organisation.

How does it work?

Employees complete an online profile that includes their experience, skills, aptitudes and development objectives 

The system provides reports on the make-up of your current team so you can design effective development plans and identify gaps to support your recruitment plans. And when your business needs to change you can instantly understand whether you have the skills you need to deploy in-house or whether you need to invest in recruitment.  

With Talent Finder, you can: 

  • Urgently redeploy talent to where you need them most.
  • Capture your people’s career history, skills, mobility, and talents, in one place.
  • Support Organisation Design and agile working.
  • Fill roles internally, at pace – saving on recruitment costs.
  • Create a Skills Gap analysis.
  • Alert individuals to internal opportunities.

What makes Talent Finder unique?

  • Data driven approach removes bias from workforce planning.
  • People are developed based on their ability and aptitudes rather than through networking or influencing.
  • Discover skills you did know you had in your workforce.   
  • Accurate talent information available in real time.

Interested to hear more? hello@unleashed.org.uk.