Unleashing Talent – Optimising the skills & capabilities of your people


Is your organisation still talking about HIPOs and 9-box grids? We can support you to move beyond these methods to ensure your workforce is diverse, and progressed on merit, not subjectivity.

Our talent management approaches are born out of ensuring organisations are set up to succeed for the immediate needs as well as ensuring you are set up for the future. We specialise in removing subjectivity in the talent process, removing barriers to entry and creating equity of opportunity.



  • Enable your people to excel in their careers and enjoy wider development possibilities improving retention and performance
  • Understand your talent gaps and how to address these in a strategic and efficient fashion
  • Uncover skills and talents within your people that are unlikely to be recognised through existing organisational processes reducing reliance on consultants or interim solutions
  • Remove subjectivity and bias in your talent process to create an inclusive environment and liberate innovation
  • Get the right people, in the right place at the right time, now and in the future creating a highly efficient and successful business

What we can do

  • We spend time with organisations to understand how they currently identify and manage their talent
  • We enable you to maximise the talent that already exists within your organisation by equipping you with new talent management processes that are suitable to your organisation’s context and requirements
  • Develop talent strategy
  • Capture the skills and talent you have in your organisation
  • Support you to establish talent reviews
  • Remove bias and subjectivity through new processes

This can be supported by our talent marketplace technology – Talent Unleashed.


For a conversation about how we can unleash talent for you, please contact us at hello@unleashed.org.uk