You Unleashed is the tool that unleashes your people’s potential.

It’s a no-brainer: a productive happy workforce = a successful business.  So empower your people to become the best that they can be!  You Unleashed is our brand-new psychometric tool that assesses employee’s skills to understand what makes them tick and unveil their potential.

You Unleashed measures your people’s unique personality, behaviours and capabilities in an assessment that sees the whole person.

You are in good company…

From assessing experience to identifying potential

Your people’s truest potential lies beyond their CV. Unleash the extraordinary with our unique person centred behaviour based assessment to unleash the innovation and performance your organisation needs.

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See more in your people with unique insight

Give every person in your organisation the opportunity to realise their potential by identifying and maximising their talent. Our intuitive and easy to use online questionnaire takes around 30 mins to complete and on completion your people will receive a comprehensive report, written in plain English – no need for a professional to debrief! What’s not to love about that!

The benefit of measuring potential

  • Identify untapped potential – Find the people you need to Unleash your organisation’s potential, unlocking growth and innovation
  • Remove bias and barriers – Leave no room for bias in Talent Management by using objective insights into your people’s behaviour and potential to level the playing field for all.
  • Support individuals development – provide your people with personalised development reports that engage, interest and develop them to be the best they can be.

Designed by people that have been where you are

We’ve based the content of our assessment on years of data and research to determine the attributes of high performing people in leading global organisations, across over 70 countries and multiple sectors. Our team come from across all sectors and we have all worked in leading organisations in people functions, so we know how important objective and robust data is in shaping your inclusive talent management approach.

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Giving you more insight than ever 

You Unleashed is comprehensive psychometric which provides personalised reports that detail development recommendations, based on:

Understanding Yourself – How you deal with tasks, how you interact with others and how you make decisions

Thriving at work – Exploring how you build relationships, how you adapt to situations and how you solve problems

Learning Agility – Exploring how you process information, how you prefer to learn and your growth vs. fixed mindset

Emotional Intelligence – Exploring how you interact with others, how you bring people together and create meaningful connections.

Communication – How you communicate with others and how you like to be communicated to.

Development reports can be used individually, as part of a development programme or with line managers to improve productivity and support development.

What makes You Unleashed unique?

Based on extensive global research of the top performing attributes in the workplace, You Unleashed is designed to help your people shine.

Explore your workers’ behaviours, personality, emotional intelligence and learning agility – all in one assessment!

The assessment is written in accessible language so you don’t need accreditation to administer it.

It assesses the whole person, not just preferences, to truly personalise development.

Assessment is without personal bias, providing a fair and equitable way to support development in your organisation.

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