Today’s business environments are ever-changing. And to succeed, your organisation must be agile.

 As the landscape shifts, you need to be fleet of foot: to deploy talent as, when and where it is required.

Understanding whether you need to invest in recruitment or develop the talent you have is a critical business decision you’ll have to make. Our talent management tool Talent Finder gives you the intelligence to make that decision with authority and clarity.

Talent Finder lets you map your current and future talent needs against your business objectives and strategy. By identifying your people’s strengths, skills, and talents, you tap into a world where you can unleash unseen potential and reap the benefits of a happier, engaged and more productive workforce.

Plan for the future, manage risk and unlock opportunity; in other words – step in front of your competitors.

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The benefits of our talent management tool

Urgently redeploy talent to where you need them most.

Capture your people’s career history, skills, mobility, and talents, in one place.

Support Organisation Design and agile working.

Fill roles internally, at pace – saving on recruitment costs.

Create a Skills Gap analysis.

Alert individuals to internal opportunities.

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