You Unleashed

Research shows that employee engagement and performance is largely dependent on employees’ own mindsets: for example, their optimism, resilience, and emotional regulation.

You Unleashed is a brand new way to assess all of these skills, aptitudes and abilities that has been developed by sector leading experts to help you unleash potential in the workplace.   

How does it work?

After completing a 30 minute online questionnaire, we provide a personalised report that details development recommendations, based on:

  • Understanding Yourself – How you deal with tasks, how you interact with others and how you make decisions
  • Thriving at work – Exploring how you build relationships, how you adapt to situations and how you solve problems
  • Learning Agility – Exploring how you process information, how you prefer to learn and your growth vs. fixed mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence – Exploring how you interact with others, how you bring people together and create meaningful connections.
  • Communication – How you communicate with others and how you like to be communicated to.

Development reports can be used individually, as part of a development programme or with line managers to improve productivity and support development.

What makes You Unleashed unique?

  • Based on extensive global research of the high performing attributes required to thrive at work.
  • Explores behaviours, personality, emotional intelligence and learning agility in one assessment.
  • Written in accessible language, so you don’t need an accreditation to administer the assessment.
  • Personalised development, looking at the whole person, not just preferences.
  • Assesses without personal bias providing a fair and equitable way to support development in your organisation.

Find out more

We provide the right solution for your needs so please contact us using the email address below to find out more and get a bespoke quote. We can provide batches of assessments for you to administer or work with you to deliver development feedback to your people.


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